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About Us

Never before have we been so connected—to people and information—both personally and professionally.

Our connections can feel great and other times overwhelming.

Inundated with information, clients and prospects need help. They value when companies like yours and ours are true partners with them. They want us to share information and exchange insights, remembering to take their perspective, not ours—their context, not ours.

Sales professionals, account managers and client success teams—aligned with their marketing teams—can become situationally fluent, earning the trust and respect of their prospects and clients. Buyers value getting your expertise to identify a clear path to success. Research continues to show that collaborative sales experiences are the #1 factor in winning and retaining accounts. You can make the difference.

We launched Postwire at the TechCrunch 2012 Disrupt Conference. Our vision is to help client-facing professionals bridge the traditional world of email, meetings and phone calls. Our vision resonated and Postwire was selected as a finalist at its debut. TechCrunch judge and Sequoia Capital partner, Greg McAdoo, summed up Postwire this way, “I find it fascinating to use web technology as a point-to-point communication tool versus a one-to-many tool.”

Postwire offers an easy way to share information and exchange ideas with your prospects and clients in a personalized place that is always accessible. Healthways, Rain Group, Enservio TimeTrade, Attivio, SnapRetail, Agfa and many other companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals depend on Postwire to share marketing assets, build relationships and speed sales cycles.

With a couple of clicks, you choose the best content for each client and create a personalized selection of documents, videos, web links, and more—then add to a client’s Postwire over time to address changing needs. No more sending a client off to her Inbox for answers to questions, links to industry data, and email attachments; to your website for product specs and pricing; your blog for last week’s article; and your YouTube channel for customer testimonials. Everything she needs is in one spot, visually organized and appealing, with facilities to exchange comments and receive automaticnotifications of activity.

Cliff Pollan, Founder and CEO of Postwire, has focused his career on combining technology and content to improve the way people work. He was also the co-founder of NewsEdge Corporation, the first live integrated news alerting service.

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