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3 Tips for Using Google “Site Search” to Personalize Your Communications

Posted by Carrie on 04, Jan, 2012

What do you do before picking up the phone to call or email a prospect? You check out both the person and company you’re contacting to make sure your message is relevant—right? Skimming a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and company web site is hopefully your M.O. these days. Did you know you can use Google’s “site search” feature to save valuable time doing it? It’s simple—by including the search parameter site:website-name, you can focus Google’s powerful search exclusively on the website-name specified, such as LinkedIn or your prospect’s company web site.

Here’s 3 Google site search tips to help you.

Tip #1: Use Google’s site search to search LinkedIn’s public profiles for a particular person by name.

How? Google the person’s name plus the parameter “”. To see how this works, let’s Google someone who’s likely to be active on LinkedIn such as sales expert, Jill Konrath. Google: Jill Konrath

Try searching Jill’s activity on LinkedIn with Google by clicking here! (Let Me Google That 4 U)

The cool thing about using Google to look up Jill this way on LinkedIn is that Google will return links to her profile PLUS any events, answers and comments in groups she’s posted, giving you even more insights into her expertise and interests.

Tip #2: Use Google’s site search—plus advanced search qualifiers—to find the names (and profiles) of people with particular titles at a company.

Let’s suppose I wanted to find the names of any Directors or VPs working on Pitney Bowes digital email delivery service called Volly™. I can Google: “Volly” (dir OR vp OR vice) pitney bowes

Try searching LinkedIn with Google by clicking here! (Let Me Google That 4 U)

Try searching Pitney Bowes site as well (Let Me Google That 4 U)

Tip #3: Use Google’s site search to find specific information you want from a busy company web site.

Now that I’ve searched LinkedIn to identify executives at Pitney Bowes working on Volly, I want to bone up on Volly before contacting them. But when I go to Pitney Bowes web site, I’m overwhelmed with all the other offerings. I can laser-search for info only on Volly by Googling (gotta love proper nouns that become verbs!): volly

Try searching Pitney Bowes site with Google for a specific product by Clicking here! (Let Me Google That 4 U)

Use Google’s site search feature to swiftly gather the precise info you need to personalize your communications.

P.S. Just for fun, here’s a non sequitur and entertaining Google gimmick to try. Even if you’ve already seen it, it’ll still bring a smile to your face—especially if you’re missing snow like some are here in Boston. From a fresh Google search screen in Firefox or Google Chrome, Google: let it snow. You’ll soon enjoy snowflakes softly falling—ones you don’t have to shovel—and a frosty pane to write on using your mouse.

SNOW… (Let me Google That 4 U)

(Clicking Defrost returns your screen to normal. Happy 2012!)

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