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7 Ways Marketing Can Help Sales Use Content to Win Buyer Trust

Posted by Shawn on 08, Jan, 2013

Buyers don’t care about your product or service.

With this harsh message, we started our article that was published in MarketingProfs. And it’s true – buyers don’t care about your product or service in particular; they care about how your product or service can help them solve a problem or exploit an opportunity. Aligning these two parts isn’t always crystal clear, but one way marketers can help salespeople match their company’s offering to the needs of the buyer is to work with the sales team to map content to every stage in the sales process. Doing this allows your company stand out from the crowd with unique and timely education, and it helps earn the buyer’s trust that your offering solves their issue.

The full article is packed with details on how you can help your sales team use the assets you provide to earn buyers’ trust and win accounts, but we can quickly summarize it with the following points:

  1. Inventory content, and make it fast to find and obvious how to use (Tweet this)
    Provide your sales team with an easy-to-access online inventory of every useful piece of content. That inventory should be lean, up to date, and full of utility. Members of your sales team should be able to call upon it anytime, from anywhere.
  2. Provide multiple media and multiple voices (Tweet this)
    Beyond the obvious promotional content, include all the content you work hard on to get prospects in the funnel in the first place. Blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, articles, case studies, videos, competitive analysis, ROI calculators, and research reports. And don’t feel responsible for all of these on your own, as you should also loop in content from trusted third parties.
  3. Identify the right social media forums (Tweet this)
    Track and communicate the most influential and relevant ones for Sales to subscribe to and follow. Keep it short and simple.
  4. Provide nuggets for sales to offer in social media channels to interact with potential customers (Tweet this)
    The best way to demonstrate value is not to just send the 20-page e-book, but to call out a point or two that’s most relevant to a specific customer or discussion. Tee it up for them.
  5. Trigger action (Tweet this)
    Any content you provide to your sales team should be easy for buyers to share, follow, or subscribe to.
  6. Use content to create conversation that brings clarity to a buyer’s needs (Tweet this)
    Conversation starters, high-gain questions, and challenges to conventional wisdom—all help sales people to engage buyers. Help them to do a good job of this in social forums, as well as one on one with specific buyers.
  7. Build in feedback loops (Tweet this)
    Just as you regularly build feedback loops into marketing materials to capture opinions and leads, also build feedback loops with your sales team to determine the effectiveness of the content you provide them.

Following these steps and more frequently interviewing your sales team to identify key pieces of content that are needed will help you help them use content to win buyer trust, and hence more deals. Please share you reactions to these ideas, and offer others if you have any to add.

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