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A heartfelt THANK YOU for your Postwire LOVE

Posted by Carrie on 25, Sep, 2012

One of the most gratifying aspects of working in a startup is working closely with our early adopters. These folks are as passionate as we are about our product and mission. They are the fuel that keeps us going at warp speed. They share feedback (good, bad and just plain ugly) and help us gain (and regain) clarity to achieve our vision.

David Marinac, President and CEO of has been a huge fan of Postwire from the very beginning. He is a supplier of customized packaging, specifically stand up pouches used for food, pet treats, soaps and more. David says Postwire helps his high-touch business respond faster and more completely to win more business.

No stranger to video, David once mentioned he hoped to promote Postwire on video. Still, we were blown away when this polished and glowing testimonial arrived unannounced the other day. Of course, we couldn’t help ourselves and wanted to share it right away with you here.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, David.

-The Postwire Team


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