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A Love Letter: Content Marketing and Brand Building with Postwire

Posted by Shawn on 06, Jun, 2013 love letter

Today, Nimble and Postwire are cross-posting on our respective blogs (here’s Postwire’s article). Recently Postwire and Nimble collaborated to produce an infographic about the biggest names in sales(women) throughout history. We’ll be publishing it on our blogs tomorrow (so stay tuned!), and hoping you’ll find it as an inspiring collection of superior humans as we do. Nimble has recently released a new versions of its social CRM. Try it here for free!

We are happy to share this piece from Alyson Button Stone – director of content at Nimble. Nimble is an intelligent relationship management platform created to help professionals build better relationships in a noisy, multi-channel world.

For the small business, looking as professional as enterprise-sized businesses is a decided advantage, and new technologies and new apps are helping. For most of us, the problem is one of focus and triage. How do you know what to do first, what to focus on, and then know how to find the best app for that workflow?

One thing that has has risen to top of mind for me is finding programmatic ways to help my team members build their personal brands to deepen relationships and build trust – in a way that’s still personal and scalable.

Let’s face it. There is no way to add an extra few hours to the 24-hour day. We’re just stuck with that cycle (thanks, Science…). So I’m always available when I hear about a way to save myself time while keeping my relationships vibrant. That’s where Postwire captured my attention – it’s a great way to do a lot of things:

  • Educate, entertain, and inform your prospects and customers
  • Share expertise about your product/service in a way that builds trust and credibility
  • Create thoughtful content once and then share it many times (adding a personal touch before sending to make it unique to your recipient)
  • Look like a technical wizard even when Postwire does the work
  • Collaborate with team members and add to your “library”
  • Get a beautifully designed marketing piece without hiring a branding agency

How, you ask?

With Postwire you can create an elegant, multi-media email. Send article links, documents, videos, audio files, pictures. Easily create this symphony from scratch (or pick it from your library of Postwires), then press Send. The compilation piece is always available in all its glory by clicking the link. Voila! Done. The recipient can forward it, share the link any way – and your messages are disseminated everywhere.

Think of it. Salespeople can sort their prospects into any segments they want and have a basic Postwire all set to send – let’s say for consultants. This basic piece could show a video tour, an ebook, a link to the FAQ, and one of your blog articles aimed at consultants. Start with this basic piece, thoughtfully created by you or your team and usable by all, then plug in any other content you want based on your personal relationship with the recipient to personalize the content just for them. (Don’t forget that you can correct the document, and update the information any time and your recipient sees the latest version…or leave it as is and place new versions in.

Now you can set up a contact management system to nurture your relationships with whatever group you want. Pull together a piece for your industry analysts, then periodically keep in touch with each of them to keep them up to date on the latest news. That’s what I’m currently setting up at Nimble — an outreach program for analysts that helps keep Nimble on their radar screens.

I am bursting with Postwire ideas for my work life at Nimble. Our salespeople can use it to share news and product updates with our prospects, customers, and resellers. Our CEO can put together a curated collage of his latest interviews (video and audio) and share it with a reporter. Our dev team can have what amounts to almost a private portal to share documents on a project basis. Customer service can send pertinent articles for common questions. Our community manager can send information about an event so that it stays entirely organized. What a terrific tool this is!

With Postwire, the conversation stays right there adjacent to the content. A Postwire is always in context!

But I must tell you that it gets even better – like Nimble, Postwire focuses on insights. When you send out a Postwire, you can see exactly what happened to it – who opened it, who read it, who acted on it, who added to it. If your messages are effective, you can see that – and even more important, see which messages aren’t working so you can get things going in the right direction. The light is always shining on how your Postwires are being used!

All the statistics indicate that we buy things from people we know, people we trust, and people we can count on. That’s the thought behind Nimble, so I recognized right away that Postwire was a way to encourage that outcome.

Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion, built his successful in-ground pool business on the idea that if he created content that answered his customers’ and prospects’ most frequently asked questions, he would succeed. Recently he told me that “Frankly, I think everything comes down to one skill with content marketing: GREAT listening. If you listen well, you hear every question. If you listen well, you know the way consumers say things (their needs, problems, issues, etc.). If you listen well, you never, ever run out of new content to discuss.”

You know what your prospects and customers are curious about. Go ahead and give them all the answers with clever, clever Postwire (and, of course, Nimble)! When you and every one of your employees can be credible and add relevance to the relationships in your business, you are making your brand unbeatable!

alyson-button-stone Alyson Button Stone is director of content at Nimble.

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