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Are You A Trust Destroyer?

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 16, Jul, 2014 trust destroyer

The foundation of a successful sales cycle is to establish a trusted relationship. Unexpected surprises can shake a budding relationship. Every salesperson should learn how to avoid unexpected surprises.

Any product or service has shortcomings. In the scheme of the overall offering, those shortcomings will normally not affect their desire or ability to proceed. If those shortcomings come out late in the process and are a surprise that your prospect discovers, they can derail a deal.

8600700_mLet me give you an analogy. I remember taking my daughters to Disney World. The outdoor roller coasters were always a bit scary and fun. You could see what you were in for and could see the drops before they happened. No surprises, just a thrill.

Then there were the indoor rides. In this case, the roller coaster rides were in the dark. You could not see what was in front of you. That made them very scary, as you were surprised at each drop. The drops were actually smaller, as the darkness amped you up, such that a small drop was much more scary. In this case, a much more scary sensation.

As sales people, working with your buyers, there are similar concepts. Approach it more like the outdoor roller coaster. Mix the information on shortcomings in early as part of the overall product discussion. The benefits will shine through and the shortcomings will feel much more minor. No surprises for the prospect.

If you treat them like the indoor ride, thinking you will keep them in the dark and hopefully they will not discover the issue, you and they are in for big disappointment. When they discover that small issue late and on their own, it will feel much bigger. Because you did not tell them, they will be surprised and as they were in the dark , the issue, like the indoor roller coaster, will seem much bigger. At that point you have hurt the trust and may never recover.

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