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Business Casual Video

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 17, Feb, 2010

Everyday I get to engage with marketers discussing how to best create apps for use on their websites to convert more site visitors.In our case those apps leverage video.In general they are all intrigued by the opportunity but terrified at the prospect of creating (or being in) video content and potential cost.

Their concerns are based on their perception and experience in producing traditional business formal video content.Those were the corporate videos that cost ten of thousands of dollars to produce, requiring outside crews and very expensive equipment.

All content must be authentic and engaging.That is what converts visitors.Business formal content is like going to the office in a suit.Most places moved to business casual in the 90’s and it is time for video content to do the same.This business casual content is easily produced on small high definition capable cameras (Cisco Flip, Kodak Zi8) that are simple to use and cost $150 to purchase.The quality is terrific.

Here is an example of business casual video content from a recent webinar promotion –

Yes, the first time you are on camera can be a source of anxiety.But it is like riding a bike or learning to give your first presentation to a room of people.Pretty quickly you get comfortable.

Today, when visitors see this business casual content they find it genuine and engaging.The results are excellent. It becomes easy to produce and clients establish their own rhythm.

So, make the investment of $150 in a camera and try it. You may also want to get a copy of Steve Garfield’s book –

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