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Eyeball Your Prospect – Virtually

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 29, May, 2014 8316110_m

  Turn on your camera. Yesterday, I was on my third meeting with a prospective client.  They set it up on their Bluejeans account. Different than many virtual meetings, it was a video call by default. Early in April, I  had a four way meeting with a prospect on their

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Great Time To Be A Salesperson

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 11, May, 2014 time of your life

It’s a great time to be a salesperson. Surprised by that statement, given how much is written about how much sales is changing and how hard it is? It is true – change is hard. At the same time, change creates opportunity. More than ever, prospects are valuing salespeople. Again,

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5 Essential Tips To Get Sales Using Your Content Today

Posted by Shawn on 11, Sep, 2013 This way arrow

When it comes to enabling your sales team with content, many marketers admit that they fall short. Marketers are producing tons of great content that fills the top of the lead funnel, but they struggle with advising salespeople how and when to use it.

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