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Why Marketing Automation Sucks

Posted by craig on 10, May, 2013

Over the past decade, marketers have increasingly added a new skill to their tool belts: Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is basically an evolution of direct mail & phone but applied to the web. Given enough data about a prospect or customer, the marketing team can do “targeted” campaigns to further

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Have Buyers Put You On Speed Dial Webinar Questions

Posted by Shawn on 14, Mar, 2013

Earlier this week, in conjunction with beep! Directed Voicemail, we held an awesome webinar titled “Have Buyers Put You on Speed Dial.” During the webinar, we received a number of questions we didn’t have the time to get to. So we decided to answer them here! You can read my

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7 Ways Marketing Can Help Sales Use Content to Win Buyer Trust

Posted by Shawn on 08, Jan, 2013

Buyers don’t care about your product or service. With this harsh message, we started our article that was published in MarketingProfs. And it’s true – buyers don’t care about your product or service in particular; they care about how your product or service can help them solve a problem or

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