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Are You A Trust Destroyer?

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 16, Jul, 2014 trust destroyer

The foundation of a successful sales cycle is to establish a trusted relationship. Unexpected surprises can shake a budding relationship. Every salesperson should learn how to avoid unexpected surprises. Any product or service has shortcomings. In the scheme of the overall offering, those shortcomings will normally not affect their desire

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Q2 Senryu Sales Tip

Posted by Carrie on 29, Apr, 2014 Freezing-your-butt-off-didn't-work

freezing your butt off didn’t work? I had to laugh when I saw this clever ad as I entered Boston Sports Club determined to return to a regular swim routine after the long, grueling winter. I’ve heard many people say that swimming is boring. I don’t feel that way. Maybe

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Hats off to Lori Richardson & Supporting a Good Cause

Posted by Carrie on 12, Mar, 2014 Hats off image

  Lori Richardson is a friend of the team here at Postwire. Her arrival in Boston occurred just as we were kicking things off. She has been a great supporter of ours and you can say it is in keeping with her style. She recently shaved her head, along with

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Why Marketing Automation Sucks

Posted by craig on 10, May, 2013

Over the past decade, marketers have increasingly added a new skill to their tool belts: Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is basically an evolution of direct mail & phone but applied to the web. Given enough data about a prospect or customer, the marketing team can do “targeted” campaigns to further

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