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The Postwire Blog

Why Postwire Is Focused On Private Sharing

Posted by craig on 28, Aug, 2012

It’s been three months since we launched Postwire on stage in front of the bright lights at TechCrunch Disrupt and our users have been amazing.  Not a day goes by that we don’t see a new use case that we didn’t expect.  In addition to sales & sales enablement, service delivery,

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Strive to Create an Effortless Client Experience

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 26, Jul, 2012

We’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to what it takes to create a remarkable client experience. There’s certainly no shortage of research and expertise on this topic. Sometimes, though, it’s the simplest of all concepts that strike you the hardest. Like this one I stumbled upon this week

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Carrier pigeons, email & Postwire

Posted by Carrie on 27, Jun, 2012

Way back in 2009, 4mb of data were strapped on a carrier pigeon’s leg in Johannesburg, South Africa to raise awareness of growing public frustration with the region’s slow data delivery at that time.  Al Jazeera’s coverage of the creative publicity stunt (as seen in this Youtube video) showcases “Winston” the carrier

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Name That Tune: Messaging Lessons from TechCrunch Disrupt

Posted by peggy on 29, May, 2012

Just back from TechCrunch Disrupt with Battlefield Finalist Team Postwire. Sitting in my porch on Memorial Day Weekend, I finally have some time to process the experience. What has most stayed with me this week is the challenge and power of messaging. Distilling our message to the five or six most descriptive words–as few

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Lessons from LIFT

Posted by peggy on 01, Feb, 2012

Need a lift? Then please read this New York Times opinion piece:  It’s not about sales strategy—it’s about an amazing antipoverty organization called LIFT.  (With lessons for every salesperson, I promise!)  LIFT got a terrific “lift” when David Bornstein of the Opinionator column of the New York Times highlighted this tremendous nonprofit

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