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The Evolution Of The Salesperson [Infographic]

Posted by craig on 08, Nov, 2012

Buyers are more knowledgeable, more connected and busier. Salespeople must evolve and sell value. The writing is on the wall: Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED! No more me, me, me! It’s all about the customer. #SALES Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic] [tweet] Rapid emergence of social web changes everything. #SALES Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic]

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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Posted by Carrie on 02, Jul, 2012

By sharing access to great thinking, we all get smarter. That’s what prompts me to share this graphical summary of how to write the perfect blog post created by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. Thank you, Derek! More great blog posts written = more great content items you can share

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Is Email Dead? [Infographic]

Posted by postwire on 29, Nov, 2011

188 billion email messages sent each day?! That’s a boatload of email! We concur with the Infographic’s conclusion—email is here to stay. However, email is not always the most effective way to transmit your message. New(er) technologies—like Facebook and Twitter—introduce additional ways for humans to communicate. Think about what you’re

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How to Help Buyers Overcome Indecision: Six Proven Tactics

According to studies by Sales Benchmark Index, up to 60% of marketing qualified leads are lost to "no decision". Learn how to speed up the sales process and decrease cycle turnaround time