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Embrace your buyer’s power position

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 13, Oct, 2014 30861452_m

Cliff Pollan, CEO, Postwire It’s virtually impossible to disagree—and foolish to disregard—that buyers today are in control. They search the web and connect with their social networks way before they connect with salespeople. So, as you’d expect, many CEO’s and C-suite executives are challenging their teams to develop strategies that

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David Meerman-Scott, Sales VPs and the “Communication Revolution” [Video]

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 05, Sep, 2014 Communication Revolution


In my recent interview with David Meerman Scott, around his just published book, “The New Rules of Selling and Service”, he shared how foundational a change we are experiencing in selling and service .  Also, the  challenges felt by Sales VP’s (and the executive team) in accepting the change and implementing new strategies reflecting this change.

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David Meerman-Scott, Sales VPs and Antarctica [Video]

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 05, Sep, 2014 Antarctica Blog Snapshot


Last week, my colleague Carrie Kuempel and I took a very short trip (it’s a 7 minute walk) over to David Meerman Scott’s office to interview him about his new book – The New Rules of Sales and Service. In my view this is a seminal work, much like his book – The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

That changed how many people thought about marketing and I think this work will do the same for sales.

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Are You A Trust Destroyer?

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 16, Jul, 2014 trust destroyer

The foundation of a successful sales cycle is to establish a trusted relationship. Unexpected surprises can shake a budding relationship. Every salesperson should learn how to avoid unexpected surprises. Any product or service has shortcomings. In the scheme of the overall offering, those shortcomings will normally not affect their desire

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