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Quick Tips for One to One Sales

Posted by postwire on 01, Sep, 2011

Never forget that you’re selling to people. Sales are the backbone of every successful company and it’s always a good idea to study up on how to improve your sales ability through one to one communication.  In order to thrive, sales must engage personally though not necessarily in person – this

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6 ways to build trust through content

Posted by postwire on 31, Aug, 2011

Building Trust through Content Before you can sell your services to a customer, you need to build a relationship. In business, the relationship between the salesperson and the customer is based on a foundation of trust. One of the easiest ways to generate profitable publicity and to build a foundation

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7 steps to a customer testimonial

Posted by postwire on 30, Aug, 2011

Customer testimonials are typically hard to get. I thought I’d list a quick way that I have gotten video testimonials from customers in the past using flip cameras and dropbox. Step one buy some video cameras Kodak Playtouch ($179) or Flip Cameras ($80) with your loaded logo (as of today you

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5 tips to get your prospect to call you back

Posted by postwire on 29, Aug, 2011

In this post we thought we’d highlight a common scenario some refer as the “Dead Zone”.  A prospect has indicated interest in some way and now you’re trying to connect. It’s never pleasant waiting for the phone to ring and most successful people don’t. Everyone does occasionally wonder why some

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Real-Time Sales Follow-Up Videos Increase Engaged Leads

Posted by postwire on 27, Oct, 2010

A few of our customers have talked about their success doing sales follow-up videos after a prospect expresses interest in their offering (e.g. by filling out a form).  Presentations at the recent Inbound Marketing Summit (#IMS10) and Hubspot User Group (#HUG2010) inspired me to give it a try… At IMS, David

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