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A Love Letter: Content Marketing and Brand Building with Postwire

Posted by Shawn on 06, Jun, 2013 love letter

Today, Nimble and Postwire are cross-posting on our respective blogs (here’s Postwire’s article). Recently Postwire and Nimble collaborated to produce an infographic about the biggest names in sales(women) throughout history. We’ll be publishing it on our blogs tomorrow (so stay tuned!), and hoping you’ll find it as an inspiring collection of superior humans as we do. Nimble has recently released a new versions of its social CRM. Try it here for free!

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A heartfelt THANK YOU for your Postwire LOVE

Posted by Carrie on 25, Sep, 2012

One of the most gratifying aspects of working in a startup is working closely with our early adopters. These folks are as passionate as we are about our product and mission. They are the fuel that keeps us going at warp speed. They share feedback (good, bad and just plain ugly)

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Be Relevant or Be Deleted: The Top 10 Ways to Sell Value

Modern buyers turn to massive amounts of information through web searches and crowd-sourced feedback before they even think of turning to you.