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The Postwire Blog

The Postwire Post – Visual Content, Mobile Page Viewing & Webinar!

Posted by Carrie on 08, Dec, 2012

Are you ready for all the new year’s prognostications? Postwire users are already ahead of the curve on this one presented by the Content Marketing Institute: “Picture this: 2013 will be the year of visuals (but the end of infographics). From Pinterest and Instagram to SlideShare and YouTube, visual appeal will rule

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The Postwire Post – Preview & Copy Page

Posted by Carrie on 29, Nov, 2012

We’re grateful, post Thanksgiving, for no more leftovers and two new features that recently snuck their way into Postwire without much fanfare: Preview Copy Page Learn more below. Preview Shows You What the Page Looks Like to Viewers Postwire makes it so easy to create beautiful Pages. We know you care about how

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The Postwire Post – Celebrating Performance Improvements

Posted by Carrie on 19, Nov, 2012

Anyone with lots of content loaded into Postwire has hopefully noticed a huge improvement in Postwire’s response time in the past few days. Woo hoo! Get a peek into how we develop software by reading a blog post written by Freedom Dumlao, Postwire’s System Architect. Freedom explains Zen and the art of of startup software.  While

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The Postwire Post – Private versus Secure Pages

Posted by Carrie on 03, Oct, 2012

Did you hear the news?! We released Postwire Pro on Monday! With a Postwire Pro account, you can set privacy settings on a Postwire Page to require a login to view it. Q: What’s the difference between PRIVATE and SECURE Pages? A: By default, all new Postwire Pages will be PRIVATE. This means that

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The Postwire Post – Share in a Visual Way Your Clients Love

Posted by Carrie on 25, Sep, 2012

Postwire lets you collect & organize all of your content and then select & publish private, personalized, visual views of it for each prospect, client, customer, or member. You can upload your own thumbnail images and edit descriptive text, as well as control the placement of content items. Drag ‘n Drop

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