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The Postwire Blog

The Postwire Post – Developing Client Relationships

Posted by Carrie on 17, Sep, 2012

“The most important client is the one you already have.” Here are tips to stay connected, share new ideas & grow revenue: Share resources on a personalized Postwire Page that reflect the particular needs of each client to get started after the deal is closed, get the most out of the

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The Postwire Post – Hubspot’s Inbound 2012, Postwire Tracking & More

Posted by Carrie on 10, Sep, 2012

The last week of August we rocked with Cyndi Lauper and 2800 others in Boston at Hubspot‘s annual user conference, Inbound 2012. As Hubspotters and other inbound marketing enthusiasts know, it’s much easier to start a conversation with someone who’s interested in what you have to say. And the conversations we had with folks

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The Postwire Post – Weekly Tips – 082312

Posted by Carrie on 24, Aug, 2012

The explosive growth and success of Pinterest puts the spotlight on the various applications and benefits of less-text-more-image-based content sharing like Postwire provides for client communications. This week we share a few tips on how to make the most of Postwire’s visual sharing format. Check ‘em out below and then sign into Postwire to put the

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Inbound Marketing, Disruption and a Place to Pee

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 21, Aug, 2012

What does finding a place to pee have to do with inbound marketing? Isn’t inbound marketing about creating great content to enlighten you on problems you didn’t realize you have and help you find solutions? You see, it’s 3AM and I just read in the New York Times, how much

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The Postwire Post – Weekly Updates – 08/16/2012

Posted by craig on 16, Aug, 2012

In this week’s Post, we’re focusing on some cool product updates that should make your life easier (at least the hours you spend using Postwire). Check ‘em out below and then sign into Postwire to see them in action.   Say Goodbye To Ugly Thumbnails! If we all had our way, we’d grab a beautiful

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