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David Meerman-Scott, Sales VPs and Antarctica [Video]

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 05, Sep, 2014 Antarctica Blog Snapshot


Last week, my colleague Carrie Kuempel and I took a very short trip (it’s a 7 minute walk) over to David Meerman Scott’s office to interview him about his new book – The New Rules of Sales and Service. In my view this is a seminal work, much like his book – The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

That changed how many people thought about marketing and I think this work will do the same for sales.

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Eyeball Your Prospect – Virtually

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 29, May, 2014 8316110_m

  Turn on your camera. Yesterday, I was on my third meeting with a prospective client.  They set it up on their Bluejeans account. Different than many virtual meetings, it was a video call by default. Early in April, I  had a four way meeting with a prospect on their

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CEOs – Give your sales team the support it deserves

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 18, May, 2014 Verizon proposal

  I was in a local restaurant recently when a rep from Verizon stopped in to call on the owner. He was polite, but it was lunchtime, and he quickly realized that the timing was not right. The next day, I was having a meeting with a prospect in our

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#1 Secret of What Sales Winners Do Differently

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 16, May, 2014 Mike Schultz


By Mike Schultz

Everyone knows that the Internet has changed the world of selling. Here’s the big summary: the Internet gives buyers power because they have access to more information, and it also levels the playing field to an extent because buyers can find more sellers. In other words, better informed buyers and increased competition.

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