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Collaborative Selling – No More Product Demonstrations

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 14, May, 2014 Blackboard

  I was watching broadcast news, a rare occurrence, when an  interesting segment came on about a principal who had decided to flip the way that his school engaged with their students. Instead of having the standard process of lecturing in the classroom with students doing homework in the evening

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SnapRetail Case Study

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 11, Mar, 2014 SnapRetail


At Postwire, we love hearing from our customers about the different ways they use us to make the most of their experience.

SnapRetail, a marketing automation solution provider for independent retailers, recently shared that they’re using Postwire to more effectively leverage the strong content that their marketing department is creating and better align their sales and marketing efforts.

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What Can Facebook & What’sApp Tell Us About B2B Relationships?

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 07, Mar, 2014 What's App Facebook


Facebook’s announcement last week of its acquisition of WhatsApp has been the only thing most sales and marketing professionals have been talking about – even in the B2B space. But what does the acquisition of WhatsApp (in the B2C space) tell us about the future of business to business marketing & sales? Quite simply: a whole lot. It points out the importance of a personal, private experience and that clients and prospects will grow tired of the continual barrage of information that comes from marketing automation and content marketing.

So just why did Facebook feel WhatsApp was worth every dollar of that $19B? And what does that say about the trend of digital relationships? To answer that, it’s worth digging into each of the platforms in turn, as we try to understand the way the digital landscape is changing.

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