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The Postwire Blog

Great Saleswomen – A Historical Timeline

Posted by Shawn on 07, Jun, 2013 Three saleswomen

It’s high time that great saleswomen got a place in the sun. So today we present a Nimble and Postwire infographic collaboration, “Great Saleswomen: A Historical Timeline,” which celebrates the remarkable women who have inspired and empowered so many.

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Growing Revenue with Account-Based Marketing

Posted by Shawn on 27, May, 2013

There’s a shift going on in the world of marketing. After years of gathering data and attempting to use it generally across a broad spectrum of clients, companies are focusing in on key clients and using the data they have about them to be as personal as possible with their

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Postwire is officially HIPAA Compliant! Here’s why you should care.

Posted by Shawn on 11, Feb, 2013

It’s official — Postwire is now HIPAA compliant!  While this opens up an important opportunity for healthcare professionals to use Postwire, it is a big win for our business users too.  As part of the the process of becoming HIPAA compliant, we adopted very strict privacy policies and procedures for all

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