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The Postwire Blog

How will YOU use Postwire? Meet Owen Blevins…

Posted by Carrie on 12, Jun, 2012

  Enabling informed purchase decisions… Owen Blevins is VP Sales & Marketing for Mid Atlantic Concrete Equipment, which sells and services concrete plants and equipment to concrete producers throughout the Mid Atlantic and Northeast U.S. Mid Atlantic Concrete Equipment attracts customers (affectionately dubbed “Crete-heads”) by leveraging its web site with

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Postwire: A Love Story

Posted by peggy on 07, Jun, 2012

OK, the pressure is on! We felt great honor in Postwire being selected as a TCDisrupt finalist. The experience of getting ready for the Battlefield Stage competition was awesome for our team. I so agree with Joel Spolsky’s take on the value of launching at Disrupt: “It’s all about your team…After

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VisibleGains Use Case: Start the sales conversation in email

Posted by Carrie on 26, Jan, 2012

One of the hardest things for sales people to do when prospecting is to communicate the benefits of their solution to the right stakeholder—especially knowing they’ll likely be communicating first through a gatekeeper. According to research conducted by The Bridge Group, Inc., on average it takes 9.3 touches to get

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How to Help Buyers Overcome Indecision: Six Proven Tactics

According to studies by Sales Benchmark Index, up to 60% of marketing qualified leads are lost to "no decision". Learn how to speed up the sales process and decrease cycle turnaround time