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Clothing on Camera

Posted by postwire on 20, Dec, 2010

When prepping for your shoot, remind your subject to wear solid colors instead of stripes or other designs that have harsh lines. The lines and stripes can cause distortion when being encoded. Clothing Guidelines For Men and Women: men –  wear a medium to dark sports jacket and an colored

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Framing for a Shoot

Posted by postwire on 16, Dec, 2010

Framing your subject properly makes it much easier for a viewer to follow along with the video. Having the subject to high or low in the picture can make them look drowned out which can lead to viewer drop-off. The term for the space above the subjects head is called

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The Value of Video Customer Testimonial

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 15, Dec, 2010

  Your customers and prospects love to learn from each other. Getting clients to talk about their experience – both what worked and what failed – is very valuable in helping to create good thought leadership content and building trust.  That is why I  suggest you think first about the

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Three Easy Approaches for Business Video

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 13, Dec, 2010

Video is a wonderful medium for digital marketers to use when communicating. Properly employed it increases engagement and conversion.  When stepping into the world of using video for sales and marketing,  it is helpful to understand the different formats that can be employed.   In general there are three approaches

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Guidelines for Interviewing Customers

Posted by postwire on 10, Dec, 2010

Interviewing customers can be a very good source of content, but it can also be challenging getting the unscripted quote you’re looking for and getting them to approve its usage.  When approaching customer interviews, it is often easier to work backwards from: What are you trying to produce? How much

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