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Coming Soon! Postwire Personal Email Settings

Posted by Carrie on 03, Jun, 2014 Personal Email Settings


Prefer to send a simple text email message invitation to a Postwire rather than a graphical message with your logo, a thumbnail image and call to action button? Really, really want to change the email invitation subject line and default message text? Wish Postwire would automatically copy you on all email invitations sent? Soon you can do all of these things and more!

Many users have told us they want more control over the look and feel of the email invitations generated by the Postwire web application. To address this, Postwire will soon allow each user to establish personal email settings.

**The reason we’re giving you advance notice before turning on this new feature is because the default invitation email format and behavior will change for everyone. Once released, Postwire will default to sending simple text invitations instead of graphical invitations and automatically copy you on each invitation sent.**

Why the switch in default settings? We heard from many users that a simple text message looks more personal and less, well, “marketing-y”. Also, users told us they want to keep a record of the email invitation messages they send. Anticipating wider appeal for simple text email invitations and this copy-me option, we decided to change the defaults for these two email settings for everyone moving forward.

No worries, though. If you are happy with the current default email invitation format, you can manually change the default setting to the graphical format and turn off “Copy Me” to keep things just as they are today. Read more details about all of the personal email settings by clicking here.

Look for this new feature to go live in the next week.