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David Meerman-Scott, Sales VPs and Salespeople “Embracing” Change [Video]

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 05, Sep, 2014 Embracing Change

As I shared in earlier posts, David Meerman Scott and I had discussed the significant changes he writes about in his recently published book  – “The New Rules of Sales and Service”.  Here David and I discuss how sales can now engage one to one  bringing important value to their prospect.  Also, what feels like a loss of control for the seller can actually put them in a much better position to win deals.

What is different for the sales rep?

 “So, marketing and public relations has changed significantly, but what’s interesting is most people get that.

“What’s the difference? The difference is that when companies communicate through the web through marketing and public relations they’re communicating to a lot of people at once. So, a company communicates through a video, a blog post, a great website, and thousands, tens of thousands, or even a few hundred people can see it and that serves as marketing and public relations.

“What’s completely revolutionising sales and service, especially selling, is that companies can go one-to-one using web content; a sales person can engage with one particular prospect; a client service rep can communicate with one particular customer.”


What’s the dynamic for the buyer now?

 “The buyer’s in charge. That’s what’s happening. It used to be the salesperson had the upper hand in a relationship because they controlled the information; they could decide. They could say “ok, well, I’ll tell you the pricing model when I’m good and ready; I’ll give you access to the CEO to have a quick conversation at the appropriate time in my sales cycle”.

”Now, as a buyer, I can connect with a CEO on LinkedIn. I can find out from blogs what your pricing model is. I can find out what your competitor’s pricing model is. So, what was once a sales cycle has now turned into a buying cycle.”


How do sales reps react to the loss of “control”?

 “I actually think most sales people think it’s great – not all, but “most”, because it gives them more power in a way, because, if a buyer comes to a relationship 80% along the buying process and getting very close to making a buying decision they’ve educated themselves – you don’t have to do that as a sales person. They just want to have some context around their particular situation. What a great prospect that is compared to making cold calls. So, the individual sales people, I think, are embracing it.”