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How will YOU use Postwire? Meet Owen Blevins…

Posted by Carrie on 12, Jun, 2012
Owen Blevins


Enabling informed purchase decisions…

Owen Blevins is VP Sales & Marketing for Mid Atlantic Concrete Equipment, which sells and services concrete plants and equipment to concrete producers throughout the Mid Atlantic and Northeast U.S.

Mid Atlantic Concrete Equipment attracts customers (affectionately dubbed “Crete-heads”) by leveraging its web site with over 500 pages of information and entertaining Youtube channel, Concrete Answers TV.

By educating prospective and existing customers on all-things-concrete, Owen’s sales team provides customers a rock-solid, one-stop shop for researching solutions to customers’ needs.

Before Postwire…

Owen and his four sales reps invested 15-45 minutes following up each sales call with an email containing links to relevant educational videos, product sheets and ROI calculators.

Using Postwire…

Owen’s sales team can now:

  • in just a few minutes–immediately get the specific info the customer needs to them on a private page that they can easily find and reference.
  • be ultra-responsive to a customer’s needs by knowing when he or she views or comments on the content shared, thanks to Postwire’s notifications.
  • help the customer make decisions by adding more information and resources to the same page throughout the life of the customer relationship. (No more hunting through email threads to find web links or file attachments!)

The results?

  • More sales in less time.
  • Postwire shaves an hour off client follow-ups for each sales rep each day.
  • One place for organizing personalized, relevant information and building each customer relationship over time.

Hear more from Owen…


So how will YOU use Postwire?

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