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Inbound Marketing, Disruption and a Place to Pee

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 21, Aug, 2012

What does finding a place to pee have to do with inbound marketing? Isn’t inbound marketing about creating great content to enlighten you on problems you didn’t realize you have and help you find solutions?

You see, it’s 3AM and I just read in the New York Times, how much harder it is getting to find a toilet in NYC.

have-to-peeYes, you may say that you did not need to read the Times to know that access to restrooms in major cities is just a hassle. Restaurant owners are getting even more difficult by limiting access only to customers. But what is anyone doing about it? Not a newcomer to disruptive endeavors, Bill Gates sees an opportunity to revolutionize the throne.

And so do we. Our Postwire team – relative newcomers to disruption by taking on email (TCDisrupt NYC 2012) – are pleased to announce our intention to team up with Starbucks to offer priority access to their restrooms while you are out and about.

So today, if you sign up for Postwire, your first content collection will include a priority pass that you can show in any Starbucks to get immediate priority access to their restroom. No need to be stared down or wait on long lines. It is sort of the equivalent of an Airline Premium card getting you through the security line.

Sign up at to get your free pass.

Separately, we are looking at doing a buyout of a major sundry chain in New York – one of those stores where you can buy gum, candy, magazines (yes, they still exist). We are going to install public restrooms in each store. We will advertise that anyone can use them and we’ll use that to drive traffic resulting in sales of all of our in-store products. You can contact me if you would like to be part of this exciting venture!

Disruption comes from someone taking a different approach to fill an unmet need. We are delighted to be disruptive.

P.S. We haven’t quite worked out the details with Starbucks yet. Watch for updates in The Postwire Post published weekly right here.

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