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Jill Konrath & David Meerman Scott riff on Using Content to Set the Buying Vision

Posted by Carrie on 04, Jan, 2013

fireplaceBefore the holidays, we had the privilege of hosting a virtual fireside chat (aka webinar) with Jill Konrath and David Meerman Scott, two well respected thought leaders in the sales and marketing world. The webinar was playfully entitled: “Smart Asset Selling”. In addition to the cheesy yuletide fireplace image, here’s the backdrop for our conversation with Jill & David:

  • Marketing has successfully moved from push or outbound marketing to a permission-based, inbound model generating lots of content.
  • Content is the new currency to engage buyers early on.
  • Still, too often, salespeople think of content as “chum” or collateral to push out in hopes of a bite.
  • Yet, there are multiple ways content can be used smartly as assets to educate and engage buyers.
  • How can sales and marketing better align their efforts using content?

Set the buying visionFrom that really rich conversation, we created a series of blog posts with excerpted audio clips. This first post focuses on using content to set the buying vision. It’s perfect new year’s material to cogitate for:

  • Sales reps resolving to be value-creators, not just pitching stuff; and
  • Marketers resolving to stop creating content yapping about their products and services and instead create content buyers are interested in.

Listen to this 04:35 minute audio file to hear Jill and David riff on the opportunity for salespeople to use content to set the buying vision. (To play the audio file, you’ll need Flash enabled on your browser.)

Opportunity for Sales to Use Content to Set the Buying Vision by user353130944

Salient points are pulled out in text here as well:

  • Jill:  Salespeople are frustrated because they are really struggling to capture the attention of busy decision makers and their traditional approach to getting into accounts isn’t working.
  • Jill:  Taking an educational approach to working with customers is fundamental in today’s business environment.
  • Jill:  Start disrupting thinking by sharing content that shows other ways people are doing things and what might be different if the company would consider looking at a change.
  • David:  We all go to the Web when solving problems. That’s why marketing has gravitated to creating content. Still, salespeople have lagged in creating and sharing content to help the sales process…
  • David:  Salespeople, sales departments and VPs have an incredible opportunity to use content assets to help educate buyers…because salespeople understand buyers one at a time and can deliver content that is especially valuable for a buyer at exactly the right moment in the buying cycle.

In the next post in this series, Jill & David offer advice to Marketing for creating content assets salespeople can actually use in their selling process. Hold onto your seats!

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