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New Postwire Features Create WOW! Moments

Posted by Carrie on 17, Sep, 2014 Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.46.26 AM


Have you ever been to a Pinkberry’s? When you go, take note of how your server presents your cup of frozen yogurt palms-up as if it were something very, very special. Pinkberry’s teenage servers have been trained (with mixed results) to create this WOW! moment–akin to how Apple carefully crafts the experience of unboxing a new MacBook or iPhone.

Thinking about this, I asked our team to help me brainstorm equivalent Postwire WOW! moments with the goal of ensuring Postwire users and their contacts experience them early on and often to accelerate adoption. Out of that discussion came several action items, including fast-tracking several new product features. Here are a few just released.

Specially Made for You – WOW!
We frequently hear that people are WOWed by Postwire’s personal and visually engaging format. Well, why not do a better job of amplifying this WOW! by drawing attenton to it? To this end, we changed the default title from “A Postwire” to the more personal “A Postwire for You” and added default text in the description field: “Let’s use this as a place to share information and ideas. Click the Share button below to privately share with others.”  The intent here is to suggest how the title and description of each Postwire can be leveraged to create a “palms-up”, specially-made-for-you WOW! moment. We even added a new setting so that you can set the default text using your own words. WOW!

Streamlined Sharing – WOW!
When your contact shares on information with others, it’s typically a signal of increased engagement and an action we want to encourage. However, prior to our latest software release, when your contact clicked the Share button on a Postwire, she was prompted first to sign in or register, and, more often than not, never followed through. What should have been a no-brainer share mechanic wasn’t.

We changed that. Now, when your contact clicks “Share”, it’s as easy for her to share your Postwire (one without secure privacy settings) as the article she just read on her tablet. All she needs to do is enter the email addresses of the people she wants to share the information with, along with her name and email address as the sender, and off it goes. This Postwire-sharing activity is recorded and a real-time notification informs you whom the Postwire was shared with. WOW!

Link to Existing Postwire from Email – WOW!
Here’s another WOW! moment teed up. A best practice we’ve observed from power Postwire users is to include a link to the Postwire you’ve created for each contact in every email you send to him or her so that it’s always readily accessible. To better support this workflow, the Outlook and Gmail plugins now offer a third function–“Existing Postwire”–in addition to”New Postwire” and “Copy Postwire”. This new function allows you to select an existing Postwire and then insert a thumbnail image and link to it in your email message body. WOW!

We’re cranking out WOW! updates rapid-fire. Stay tuned for more coming very soon.