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The Postwire Blog

Postwire Update: Smart Cover Images and Viewer Location Tracking

Posted by craig on 06, Aug, 2012

When we release major updates to Postwire, we’ll be posting those changes on this blog.  Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or follow @postwire on Twitter to stay in the loop. When you log into Postwire today, you’ll notice two exciting changes: Smart Cover Images and Viewer Location

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Salesperson as Teacher

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 02, Aug, 2012

Often our success as salespeople depends on how well we’ve prepared a key contact to advocate on our behalf inside their organization. Our contact turns around and takes what we’ve “taught” them to influence others. It’s our job to properly prepare our champion. IDC calls this “customer enablement” and defines it

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The Postwire Post – Weekly Tips – 080112

Posted by Carrie on 01, Aug, 2012

Last week… Last week we had an opportunity to join Carole Mahoney, founder of Mahoney Internet Marketing, at her Hubspot User Group Meeting in Scarborough, Maine. Carole wrote a guest blog post for Rick Roberge’s blog The Rainmaker Maker entitled Finally, a content management tool for sales – not marketing! (?), In it, Carole reviews Postwire as a tool to

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The Postwire Post – 072412

Posted by Carrie on 27, Jul, 2012

We’ve been cranking out new features and improvements that we hope you love. Here are a few favorites: Add your company logo - You can now add your logo to the Postwire pages you share. We also brand the emails sent by you as well. Shared libraries - Are you the content

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Strive to Create an Effortless Client Experience

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 26, Jul, 2012

We’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to what it takes to create a remarkable client experience. There’s certainly no shortage of research and expertise on this topic. Sometimes, though, it’s the simplest of all concepts that strike you the hardest. Like this one I stumbled upon this week

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How to Help Buyers Overcome Indecision: Six Proven Tactics

According to studies by Sales Benchmark Index, up to 60% of marketing qualified leads are lost to "no decision". Learn how to speed up the sales process and decrease cycle turnaround time