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12 Ways of Using Video to Propel Marketing & Sales

Posted by postwire on 10, Aug, 2010

Whether someone is new to video or they have been doing it for some time, figuring out where to use what types of video effectively can be a challenge.  There are endless ways to use video and not all lead to increases in visitor engagement, lead conversion, or deal closure.

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Produce Video Without The Producer

Posted by postwire on 14, Jun, 2010

Hey, this is Chris from VisibleGains. When people think of video now they think of really expensive cameras and hiring really expensive people to create their videos.  That’s not the case anymore.  Cameras are getting smaller and easier to use all while capturing HD video. If you’re having trouble figuring

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Marketers can learn something from “Lean Startup”

Posted by craig on 01, Jun, 2010

On Thursday, May 27, many of us from the VisibleGains team went to the Rattlesnake on Boyleston Street for “Lean Into Spring with MassChallenge and Lean Startup Circle Boston”.  It was a packed room with 250 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and other Lean Startup practitioners.  We’ve been practicing Lean

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4 Tips for Shooting Better Videos On Location

Posted by postwire on 30, Apr, 2010

In an earlier post, The Four Commandments of Shooting Effective Video, we discussed the importance of lighting, sound, background and traffic.  In this post, we’ll cover four more tips that will make you a better videographer and free you to do more (and more adventurous) videos for your business.  In

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The Four Commandments of Shooting Effective Video

Posted by postwire on 26, Apr, 2010

Cecil B. DeMille was famous for flamboyant productions such as the Ten Commandments, with lavish sets that almost outshined the actors (which, in some cases, was actually his objective). How much of Cecil B. DeMille’s flamboyance should you bring into your productions? Let’s just say that in most cases less

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