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The Postwire Blog

5 Essential Tips To Get Sales Using Your Content Today

Posted by Shawn on 11, Sep, 2013 This way arrow

When it comes to enabling your sales team with content, many marketers admit that they fall short. Marketers are producing tons of great content that fills the top of the lead funnel, but they struggle with advising salespeople how and when to use it.

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Introducing The Postwire Business Plan

Posted by craig on 06, Aug, 2013 Office Desk

When we launched Postwire last spring, we expected that most companies would start off with a small number of users and then add users over time. That has proven to be the case, but the majority of our users are now coming from larger Sales & Marketing teams. With that growth has come the need for the team administrators to have more visibility across their organization.

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An Endless, Free Supply of Relevant Content

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 02, Aug, 2013 Train tracks

Prospects are expecting more and more from sales people. Content, from e-Books to customer success stories to blog posts, have become essential to help sales reps engage and develop trusted relationships with their prospects. However, sometimes in-house content is not enough. Maybe you need third-party validation, or maybe it adds a layer of credibility that an in-house piece can’t provide. An easy answer is to use third-party content (i.e., content not produced by your company).

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How to Help Buyers Overcome Indecision: Six Proven Tactics

According to studies by Sales Benchmark Index, up to 60% of marketing qualified leads are lost to "no decision". Learn how to speed up the sales process and decrease cycle turnaround time