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The Postwire Blog

Great Time To Be A Salesperson

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 11, May, 2014 time of your life

It’s a great time to be a salesperson. Surprised by that statement, given how much is written about how much sales is changing and how hard it is? It is true – change is hard. At the same time, change creates opportunity. More than ever, prospects are valuing salespeople. Again,

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Introducing Postwire Templates!

Posted by Carrie on 07, May, 2014 Postwire Templates to Guide You

  We are excited to announce Postwire Templates! Postwire Templates are designed to guide you through proven Postwire use scenarios for winning, retaining and growing more accounts. There’s no limit other than creativity for how you can use Postwire, but beginning with a blank page can be overwhelming. We’ve observed many

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Q2 Senryu Sales Tip

Posted by Carrie on 29, Apr, 2014 Freezing-your-butt-off-didn't-work

freezing your butt off didn’t work? I had to laugh when I saw this clever ad as I entered Boston Sports Club determined to return to a regular swim routine after the long, grueling winter. I’ve heard many people say that swimming is boring. I don’t feel that way. Maybe

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Improved Search Interface & “Postwire News”

Posted by Carrie on 09, Apr, 2014 search

  Today we deployed an update to Postwire which includes an improved Search interface and a link on the left sidebar of the Home screen to “Postwire News”. New Search Interface Yes, we sometimes got confused, too. With the old search interface, it wasn’t obvious how to search for content, not

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Sales People – Want to Succeed? – Drop Customer, Add Client

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 28, Mar, 2014 Client

  Over my 30+ years of selling, everyone that I sold to was either a prospective client or a client. They were not customers. Despite that, many people still use customer and client as interchangeable words, when they are anything but the same thing. All salespeople should stop thinking ‘customer’

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