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Great Saleswomen – A Historical Timeline

Posted by Shawn on 07, Jun, 2013 Three saleswomen

It’s high time that great saleswomen got a place in the sun. So today we present a Nimble and Postwire infographic collaboration, “Great Saleswomen: A Historical Timeline,” which celebrates the remarkable women who have inspired and empowered so many.

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A Love Letter: Content Marketing and Brand Building with Postwire

Posted by Shawn on 06, Jun, 2013 love letter

Today, Nimble and Postwire are cross-posting on our respective blogs (here’s Postwire’s article). Recently Postwire and Nimble collaborated to produce an infographic about the biggest names in sales(women) throughout history. We’ll be publishing it on our blogs tomorrow (so stay tuned!), and hoping you’ll find it as an inspiring collection of superior humans as we do. Nimble has recently released a new versions of its social CRM. Try it here for free!

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Introducing The New Postwire

Posted by craig on 02, Jun, 2013

We’re excited to introduce some big changes to Postwire that we’ve been working on for a couple of months. As I wrote about a few months ago, Postwire is increasingly being adopted by larger organizations, and some of the design decisions we made last year were in conflict with how

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Growing Revenue with Account-Based Marketing

Posted by Shawn on 27, May, 2013

There’s a shift going on in the world of marketing. After years of gathering data and attempting to use it generally across a broad spectrum of clients, companies are focusing in on key clients and using the data they have about them to be as personal as possible with their

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Why Marketing Automation Sucks

Posted by craig on 10, May, 2013

Over the past decade, marketers have increasingly added a new skill to their tool belts: Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is basically an evolution of direct mail & phone but applied to the web. Given enough data about a prospect or customer, the marketing team can do “targeted” campaigns to further

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How to Help Buyers Overcome Indecision: Six Proven Tactics

According to studies by Sales Benchmark Index, up to 60% of marketing qualified leads are lost to "no decision". Learn how to speed up the sales process and decrease cycle turnaround time