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Postwire: A Love Story

Posted by peggy on 07, Jun, 2012

OK, the pressure is on! We felt great honor in Postwire being selected as a TCDisrupt finalist. The experience of getting ready for the Battlefield Stage competition was awesome for our team. I so agree with Joel Spolsky’s take on the value of launching at Disrupt: “It’s all about your team…After months of toiling away, the feeling you get from seeing real-world people actually start using your product is the best feeling you will ever get.”

The challenge we now feel as Angel Investor Cynthia Fedor advises is how to tell our “product’s story”. As I shared in Name That Tune, my Post-TechCrunch Disrupt blog, our team has been pulling out “our respective hairs” on how to quickly capture people’s hearts and imaginations about our heart throb, Postwire. Inspired by Cynthia Fedor’s advice (“give it context so that it is relatable…fills their need; solves their problem;…easily integrated into their life…”), I would like to share with you my newest (user case) love affair with Postwire!

First some context, after all I am a shrink:

In addition to consulting to VisibleGains, I have a second life as a practicing clinical psychologist and teacher. I co-lead a weekly speaker series at a local teaching hospital to help mental health professionals stay current in the field of  behavioral medicine. Topics vary from the perils of synthetic pot to challenges of treating depression in pregnancy to connection between overbreathing and anxiety.

The Problem:

Information overload is definitely a problem for us baby boomers. Those of you who read my Name That Tune blog might remember me as #oldestwomanatDisrupt; and I am NOT the oldest woman in this group! Well, the problem we have is that each presentation is action-packed with valuable information and useful tools. But, we are all busy and we each repeatedly lament the fact that if we were more organized and/or had better (younger?) memories, we would be able to do MUCH better clinical work–as well as better self-care. You know, walking the talk by heeding the advice from the resources we share with our patients.

Before Postwire:

  • I can’t tell you how many times we have emailed each other: “What was the name of the speaker who ….? Can someone please email me with the attachment from Dr…? I never received the PowerPoint, can you please send it to me? … I can’t get the link to open!”
  • Clinicians were frustrated that they were not using the learned material with their clients because they could not remember it, organize it or find it.
  • Many wasted hours were spent searching through old email attachments searching for course content, or even worse, reinventing the wheel by searching for needed resources, having forgotten that we already had it somewhere???

Using Postwire:

  • I created a visually engaging and smartly organized Postwire Page that contains many of the golden nuggets provided by our speakers: videos of thought leaders, links to research papers on hot topics, recommended books and blogs, slide presentations from lectures, handouts for clients, and websites for psycho-ed (our lingo) resources.
  • The Postwire Page grows week by week as the semester moves along, taking only minutes of my time to update. Using the Postire bookmarklet makes the addition of content “automagical”. For group members, simply clicking a bookmark to their Postwire Page gives them immediate access to all their coveted resources. As the content grows, a flexible filing system, called “Collections”, enables content to be organized for ease of viewing.
  • The “Flipboard” feel of the page makes reviewing the material fun and contributes to better retention and usability of the information.
  • As the page administrator, I get daily alerts regarding members’ activity on page views as well as which content is viewed – giving me useful feedback on the groups’ interests. Further, “Comment” threads, which contribute to group cohesion and enhance learning, also provide a mirror of members’ interests.

The Results:

  • Amazing organization in ridiculously little time.
  • One beautiful place for organizing information and enhancing group cohesion and learning over time.
  • Happy clinicians: “This is incredible!” “What a wonderful resource!” “I am really impressed!” “Thank you so much!”
  • More time to learn new material as less time wasted on reviewing older forgotten material.
I LOVE YOU, Postwire!


P.S. I hope you will try out Postwire and fall in love too.  For a free account, sign up at and drop me a COMMENT BELOW about your experience.

Peggy Kriss, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in Newton, Massachusetts and  Communications Strategist  to VisibleGains. Stay tuned for more psychology informed blogs by Dr. Kriss.


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