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Postwire and Sococo blast off together

Posted by Carrie on 01, Apr, 2015 blog-image


We have exciting news!

We have merged with Sococo, a real-time collaboration solution provider with ground-breaking technology… and a bald-headed guy wearing a headset for a logo.

Like Postwire, Sococo’s mission is to transform information sharing and collaboration in a way that supports more effective and successful working relationships. Together, we now have a broader and deeper set of resources that will enable us to enhance our collaboration offerings and bring even greater value to our customers.

Sococo creates a better way to work together. By co-locating online with others in a virtual space, Sococo allows users to spontaneously interact with colleagues, partners or clients, wherever they are–on the same or different floor, city or country. Getting together with nearby or far-flung colleagues is as easy as knocking on their door and popping into their virtual office, thanks to the unique way Sococo integrates video, audio and chat. Teams assemble for meetings and fire up multiple screens to share information without any clumsy logins, pins or transfers of the presenter role. Then, when the meeting is over, participants return to their private virtual offices or join others in another meeting space. Using Sococo, people visibly gather and disperse as work unfolds each day, connecting everyone to their shared purpose.

So, by combining the engaging and highly fluid live collaboration capabilities of Sococo with the powerful information curation and personalization capabilities of Postwire, our solutions now encompass all forms of business communication and will help you strengthen business relationships and work processes to achieve your desired business results –  be that through personalized information sharing, or real-time audio, video, and chat-enabled conversations, or an integrated combination of both.

For a more detailed introduction to Sococo, we’ve created this Postwire for you that includes a demo and user stories.

When we first started Postwire, our goal was to transform information sharing into something special. Over the years, we have been rewarded by the successful experiences of our customers. But there is still more to be accomplished, and we believe that the addition of Sococo’s capabilities will advance our solutions in many areas.

Thank you for the continued support that has brought us to this exciting new stage in company growth. We are eager to introduce the Sococo solution to you in more detail in the days to come.

Come fly with us!