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Postwire is officially HIPAA Compliant! Here’s why you should care.

Posted by Shawn on 11, Feb, 2013

It’s official — Postwire is now HIPAA compliant!  While this opens up an important opportunity for healthcare professionals to use Postwire, it is a big win for our business users too.  As part of the the process of becoming HIPAA compliant, we adopted very strict privacy policies and procedures for all Postwire users.  This means that your content and interactions are even more secure and safe today than they were before.

With this addition, registered Postwire users can now capture and share HIPAA compliant video (and other content) from an iPhone or iPad using Postwire’s app in the iTunes App Store. We’re thrilled with the new world of patient engagement and sharing this compliance facilitates, and we look forward to revolutionizing the healthcare space. But it has been a long row to hoe to get here, so let’s fill you in on the background and talk about what this means for you.

hipaa-complianceHow we got here
Postwire has its roots in enabling the personal, private sharing of content. We started by helping marketers organize and share content with their sales and account managements teams, who in turn refined the content so it catered well to individual prospects and clients. This part of our business holds true today, and you will soon see a whole host of features coming to market that will further aid marketing, sales, and account management teams to share personalized content with their clients. We’re super excited about these and will let you know as they’re released.

But what we found during this time is that healthcare professionals that specialize in outpatient services like physical therapy, sports training, occupational therapy, psychology, podiatry, and others have taken a liking to the product. And we saw that the need was the same, whether we’re talking about a marketing team organizing their content and sharing it with sales, the sales team distilling that content and sharing it with prospects, or physical therapists capturing video on their iPhone of a patient rehabbing and sharing it with the patient so they can perform the same exercise at home. Postwire enables content organization, cultivation, and personal sharing. And just as marketers and salespeople enjoy Postwire’s tracking metrics and commenting interactions, so do healthcare professionals who communicate on the fly with their patients.

So why HIPAA compliance?
With healthcare professionals capturing and sharing HIPAA compliant videos of patients on Postwire, it made sense for us to take the next step and provide them with the security their field demands. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) required the development of regulations protecting the privacy and security of certain health information. Out of this spun the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule. The Security Rule, which is what we are referring to when we say, for example, “Postwire provides a HIPAA compliant was to capture and share video,” established a national set of security standards for protecting certain health information that is held or transferred in electronic form. In short, when you capture video and share it via Postwire, you can set it to be HIPAA compliant. This means only the healthcare professional and the patient will have access to the page. Safe, secure, and compliant with HIPAA standards.

With our new HIPAA compliance, healthcare professionals can set up a Postwire account, download our iPhone or ipad app, and capture their instructions to patients as well as video of their patients rehabilitating. They can then share this video privately and securely with the patient to aid in outpatient rehab.

So what does this mean for business users?
More security is a good thing for you, too. Security is and always has been a priority at Postwire, and our private and secure sharing settings are a testament to this.  With HIPAA compliance, Postwire infrastructure, policies, and procedures were brought up to an even more stringent security standard.  For example, you may have noticed the change to HTTPS when interacting with Postwire so all communications are secured.  In addition, we updated the Postwire Apple iOS app to encrypt any photos or videos taken on the device so that they cannot be compromised.  We also made many changes behind the scenes to ensure we never lose data or content, and that we always track who is seeing what.

Some updates on the legal mumbo-jumbo
When companies go through a process like this, the lawyers and insurance folks get involved to make sure the company is being compliant with privacy laws and best practices.  As a result, we updated our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  We haven’t changed anything around content ownership, our anti-spam policies, or anything like that.  We basically added language to ensure that healthcare institutions could legally use Postwire in their practices.  That being said, we encourage you to review the documents.

In conclusion
At Postwire, we’re on a mission to help you organize and share information so you can build productive relationships that lead to successful outcomes. With this announcement, we’re broadening our application, but we remain unwavering in our mission. Join us and revolutionize how you organize and share information!

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