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The Postwire Post – 072412

Posted by Carrie on 27, Jul, 2012

We’ve been cranking out new features and improvements that we hope you love. Here are a few favorites:

  • Add your company logo – You can now add your logo to the Postwire pages you share. We also brand the emails sent by you as well.
  • Shared libraries – Are you the content maven in your company? Use shared libraries in Postwire to make sure your colleagues get the latest and greatest content from you (with virtually no more work from you).

Postwire is used by all kinds of people who want to create a remarkable experience for their clients, including sales & marketing teams, small businesses, sports trainers, agencies and many more. If you use content to educate your clients–and care about how you organize and present information to help each client succeed–then Postwire is the communicaton tool for you. It saves you time, notifies you when the information is viewed and makes you look great too.

Click here to log in and check it out!

super-heroPostwire to the Rescue!

What would you do if your champion from your most valued account unexpectantly left the company? David Marinac from recently experienced just this. In a matter of minutes, David invited his other client contacts to a Postwire page, reassuring them he had their backs. They were impressed with his responsiveness and deep knowledge. Presenting information so that it was easy to get everyone up to speed quickly went a long way towards establishing trust.

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Postwire Tip:

Did you know Postwire sends email notifications whenever anyone comments on a page? Touch your client by adding new content to her page along with your perspectives in a comment.

Keep her engaged and informed!


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