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Q2 Senryu Sales Tip

Posted by Carrie on 29, Apr, 2014 Freezing-your-butt-off-didn't-work

your butt off
didn’t work?

I had to laugh when I saw this clever ad as I entered Boston Sports Club determined to return to a regular swim routine after the long, grueling winter. I’ve heard many people say that swimming is boring. I don’t feel that way. Maybe it’s because I often slip into the pool with the intention to think about something in particular. Happy to have a lane to myself, I focus on what to write for this post. Inspired by the ad, this sales senryu comes to me lap ten. (A senryu is basically a haiku with attitude.)

same old, same old
no decision
What to do Q2?

Just like working off a winter’s worth of excuses not to swim, changing your perspective for Q2 may make the biggest difference in crushing your quota. Instead of thinking of what you do as a sales process, think of it as a buying process. Look at how you exchange information through your buyer’s eyes. Are you pitching or offering new perspectives and educating? Are you anticipating questions and answering them before they are even asked? Is the information you share well organized and easy to access when the buying team needs it?

right info, right time
out of the dark


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