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Recent Postwire Enhancements Marketers & Sales Ops Managers will LOVE

Posted by Carrie on 26, Aug, 2014 LOVE


In my previous post, I highlighted steps we’ve taken to enhance the experience for Postwire Sharers. Before my tan completely fades, I want to draw attention to some other new features we’ve added this summer that marketers and sales ops managers will LOVE.

  • You can now update all reposts of a content item in one click!

    Summon the sounds of horns blowing, fireworks exploding and people applauding! The release of Postwire’s Update and Replace feature deserves such fanfare!

    The Update Content and Replace feature allows a Postwire Admin to update an original (source) content item and at the same time choose to update globally all copies. Any or all of three attributes of a content item can be updated: Title, Image & Content.

    So what? Let’s put the power of this feature into context with a real use case. Our installation instructions changed once the Postwire Connector was added to Salesforce’s App Exchange. For months, our team reposted the instructions to the many Postwires we shared with clients.

    Each time we reposted the instructions—or copied the “Getting Started” Postwire where the instructions were initially posted—copies were made of this content item. Over time, multiple copies of the original got reposted to multiple Postwires.

    As an Admin using the Update and Replace feature, I uploaded the new instructions to replace the original source content. Moving forward, all reposts–and copies of our “Getting Started” Postwire–will include the new content. At the same time I made this update, I also elected to update all copies that are currently “out there”. So with one click, I was able to update the original content and all of its reposts on the umpteen Postwires previously shared by everyone in our organization. In other words, with one click I was able to ensure that all employees, partners, customers and prospects have our most current installation steps!

    Play other scenarios over in your head–unfortunate ugly typo discovered on a data sheet that’s easily updated and replaced everywhere, new company branding updated on key collateral for a consistent new look, product tutorial kept synced with current release of software–and you can see just how powerful this update and replace feature is!

  • The Postwire Daily Digest has been improved so that now when a user clicks on the link to a new content item in a daily digest email, the user is taken directly to the content item.

    So what? As a reminder, The Postwire Daily Digest automates for you the task of communicating the availability of new content. It helps Marketing keep Sales teams, Customer Success teams and other employees apprised of the latest and greatest content available to them and also is a great way to ensure prospects and clients (who register for a free Postwire account) are notified when new information is shared with them, too. Previously, each link to a content item in the digest took you to the Postwire where the new content resided, but not directly to the item. Now we have implemented “deep linking” so that when a user clicks on a new content item in a daily digest email, the following will happen:

    • If the content item is not in a collection, the page will scroll to the content item and the border/text of the content item will blink.
    • If the content item is in a collection, the page will scroll to the collection, the collection is opened, and the border/text of the content item will blink.
  • We’ve given you the option to display a Download button on content items.

    There is a new Advanced Setting for each Postwire: Download – Allow viewers to download individual content items from this Postwire. When set to ON, a Download button appears for each content item when hovering over it. Note that:

    • Only PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and image files can be downloaded. An error message is shown if the user attempts to download any other file types (e.g. a video file or a web link).
    • If the privacy setting is set to HIPAA, no download buttons are shown (when hovering over a content item) even if the Download option in the advanced settings is set to ON.
    • On the iPad and iPhone, no download buttons are shown (when hovering over a content item) even if the Download option in the advanced settings is set to ON.

    So what? We make it that much easier for you to easily share content in one place with others like employees and Partners who may not be reposting content and sharing it via Postwire or want access offline. And, when you invite Partners and employees to be “Members” of your Postwire Organization, you can track their consumption of this content via Postwire’s content analytics and reporting.

  • We added the Organization-Wide Notification Settings feature so that an Admin can globally turn on/off comment emails and The Postwire Daily Digest.

    From the Organization/Notifications page, an Admin can select one of the options below for daily digests and comment emails:

    • Send to everyone.
    • Send only to People in my Organization.
    • Don’t ever send.

    So what? By providing this option, we give more control to organizations who deal with email-wary clients and constituents and want to stop Postwire’s automatic email notifications.

  • For Google Apps users, we suppressed the Postwire opt-out footer text and now allow you to add your own email footer text to the default invitation emails Postwire creates.

    So what? The emails sent by people in your Organization can look even more personal. Choose not to include any email footer text, or use the customized footer option to set up your own global opt-out language or branded message.

  • We changed the default Advanced Setting for Copy to ON.

    Set to ON, recipients are allowed to copy this Postwire. So what? This is great for setting up Postwires that can be used as “template” starting points for Sharers to easily copy and personalize to share on. Note: Admins will want to take care to turn OFF this setting for master library Postwires so that the entire repository cannot be copied and shared on.

As you can see, we were busy this summer! For more information on these awesome new features, please check the Help documentation. And, don’t hestiate to reach out to me personally.