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Selling With Conversations, Not Interrogations

Posted by Shawn on 01, Feb, 2013

It’s no surprise to modern salespeople that more and more buyers are doing their homework by researching your solution and others online long before you get a chance to speak with them.  In fact, a recent Forrester report cited 91% of B2B buyers are regularly reading blogs, watching user generated video, and participating in other forms of social media. Forrester said this is the highest number they have seen in the social profile.

As a salesperson, how can you respond to this? By doing your own homework, and then using the information garnered to establish a connection with the buyer and build the relationship. Don’t put a prospective buyer on the “hot seat” by barraging them with questions to qualify the opportunity; use your research along with thought leadership content to build authority and set the buying vision. People don’t like to be sold, but when they’ve established you as the thought leader in your field they love to buy and be associated with your brand.

If you’re interested in this topic and looking to learn more, Postwire teamed up with OneSource and AG Salesworks for a free webinar titled, “Conversations, NOT Interrogations.” You can watch a recording of the webinar now to hear three highly respected sales thought leaders discuss how to converse and connect with buyers by:

  • Applying sales intelligence to ask the right questions
  • Framing questions to spark an interactive dialog
  • Sharing personalized information resources to create conversation

Click here to watch the webinar recording and view the slides.

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