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Some Changes To Our Billing Packages

Posted by craig on 13, Feb, 2013

Last Friday, we made a software release which changed the features included in our Free, Starter, and Pro packages. As we’ve improved Postwire over the three months since we introduced the paid plans, we’ve learned how users have used Postwire and what features were used by Pro users vs. Free users. When we became HIPAA Compliant, it proved to be the tipping point for a packaging change.

Previously, the main feature difference of the Pro package was the inclusion of Secure Postwire Pages. Since our HIPAA Compliance feature requires secure pages, this effectively blocked healthcare users from using Postwire for free. The long-term success of Postwire relies on the product selling itself, and without secure pages in the free version of Postwire, this was not possible for these types of users. So we went ahead and made Secure Postwire Pages free for all users; regardless of your Postwire subscription level, you can now secure your Postwire pages.

Along with this change, you’ll also notice some shifts in our subscription packages. Namely, in order to include tracking code (for example from a marketing automation system like Hubspot, Pardot, or Eloqua) or to upload your logo so that it appears in the profile section of all your pages, you will need a Pro subscription.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 1.47.48 PM

Please Note: If you have a Free or Starter Account that already had a logo or tracking code set before this change, it still works. If you want to change it, you will need to upgrade to Pro.

We’re excited to offer Secure Postwire Pages to all users because this has been one of the most asked features for people to “try before they buy”. We’ve already seen adoption by a bunch of healthcare users who previously wouldn’t be able to try with real patients unless they paid. If you have any questions about this change, please comment below or send an email to

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