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Steps to enhance the user experience for Postwire Sharers

Posted by Carrie on 15, Aug, 2014 iStock_000003912651XSmall-2


Hey, Postwire users! As I head off to the beach for a few vacation days, I wanted to call out some steps our team has taken this summer to enhance the experience of sharing Postwires.

Have you noticed…

  • You can establish Personal Email Settings.

    I devoted an earlier blog post in June to this powerful timesaving feature, but I want to call it out again here. Each user can now set defaults to indicate your preference for text-based or graphical (HTML) emails, whether you are automatically cc’d on the emails you send from Postwire and the default text you’d like to set for your email message body and signature.

    Plus, there is one other personal email setting that’s worthy of special note. We now give each user the ability to determine the call to action text associated with the links to your Postwires. Left blank in your Personal Email Settings, Postwire’s default call to action is “Click Here to view your Postwire”. You can (and should!) change that wording to work for your particular use of Postwire. For example, if you’re an account manager, you might change that link label to be “For Your Account”. A Customer Success Rep  might change the label to be “Getting Started Resources for You”. You get the idea, make it look personal and relevant for how you are using Postwire. This particular setting gets set once–you cannot change the wording for each Postwire you send (like the way you can type over your default message body and email signature text) so make the wording generic enough to work for the way you mostly use Postwire.

  • The “Share This Postwire” dialogue box has a greatly improved workflow. 

    Basically, we make it very logical for you to compose an email message from Postwire by editing the subject line, default message body text and email signatureDo note: you can now edit–and you couldn’t before–the standard Postwire subject line. The default subject line reads “[Your name] has shared a Postwire with you!”. Who cares about that? You know the email drill: emails need compelling subject lines to get read, so please, please, do create your own!

  • It’s super-easy now to send an email from Postwire again and again.

    Simply click a checkbox to send an email to all of the people you’ve already invited to view your Postwire or check the boxes by individual names to send to a selected few. No longer do you need to re-enter email addresses each time. Yea!

  • We’ve add a CRM Setting so that each user can enter their Email to Salesforce Address to track your Postwire emails in Salesforce!

    Enough said. Now Postwire emails are automatically added to the activity history of related Salesforce records.Yahoo!

  •  We removed the Postwire “opt-out” footer on Postwire email messages for Google Apps users.

    For organizations who set up Postwire to send email via Google Apps, our opt-out messaging is no longer required since the emails are coming from your Google email server, not “via Postwire”. By removing it, your emails look way more personal. And , if desired, an Admin can choose to add their own email footer message to all of the emails generated for users in their organization. So it’s possible to add your organization’s own opt-out language, if desired, or even a general branded message to all emails Postwire creates when users in your organization send email using “Share This Postwire”.

  • We changed the default setting to ON for all Postwires to allow COPY.

    Since many users like to create their own Postwire “templates” to copy, we now make this the default setting for each Postwire. You can always go to Advanced Settings and turn this OFF for any particular Postwire.

  • Lastly, we are phasing out our use of the other “P” word.

    Over time we are dropping our reference to Postwire “Pages” and replacing it everywhere with simply “Postwires”. If you look carefully in the product, you’ll notice buttons are getting relabeled. Now you click “+New Postwire”, “Search Postwires” etc. The complete transition will take time, but soon our team will drop a dollar in the bucket every time we’re caught saying “Page” instead of “Postwire”.

That’s a quick summary of updates for Sharers. You can read more details in our online Help documentation. And, stay tuned for my next blog post that showcases new features that are live today and that Admins of Team Plans will LOVE, especially an Update and Replace Content (globally) feature! With that teaser, I’m off for vacation! And, if you can’t wait ’til my next post, you can read now about this powerful new feature in Help.

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