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#1 Secret of What Sales Winners Do Differently

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 16, May, 2014 Mike Schultz


By Mike Schultz

Everyone knows that the Internet has changed the world of selling. Here’s the big summary: the Internet gives buyers power because they have access to more information, and it also levels the playing field to an extent because buyers can find more sellers. In other words, better informed buyers and increased competition.

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Sales People – Want to Succeed? – Drop Customer, Add Client

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 28, Mar, 2014 Client

  Over my 30+ years of selling, everyone that I sold to was either a prospective client or a client. They were not customers. Despite that, many people still use customer and client as interchangeable words, when they are anything but the same thing. All salespeople should stop thinking ‘customer’

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The Evolution of the Salesperson (Infographic)

Posted by Jamie Cook on 19, Mar, 2014 Evolution of the salesperson blog banner


Sales has changed. Buyers are more confident, intelligent and better able to make decisions for themselves – without your help! With that in mind, salespeople had better evolve, or risk facing extinction!


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Be Relevant or Be Deleted: The Top 10 Ways to Sell Value

Modern buyers turn to massive amounts of information through web searches and crowd-sourced feedback before they even think of turning to you.