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An Unconventional Idea for Accelerating Sales Cycles

Posted by Cliff Pollan on 01, Jul, 2014 radar

  A simple suggestion for sales reps – Answer your prospect’s question before he or she thinks to ask the question. This approach results in three benefits: Builds Trust Accelerates Sales Cycles Increases Close Rates This approach is counter to conventional thinking, so let’s explore how business buyers’ behavior is

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B2B Sales and Marketing: Alignment for the Win

Posted by Carrie on 03, Mar, 2014 Alignment

“In the old world of sales, salespeople controlled the information. Today, all of the information is publicly available on the internet. The salesperson must now add value, because if salespeople are not adding value to the discussion, they’re losing. They’re losing the chance to get in on the deal early, the chance to set the buying vision, the chance to create an evangelist customer that will help spread the word about their product or service, and obviously the chance of closing the deal.”

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