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The Evolution Of The Salesperson [Infographic]

Posted by craig on 08, Nov, 2012

Buyers are more knowledgeable, more connected and busier. Salespeople must evolve and sell value. The writing is on the wall: Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED!

The Evolution Of The Salesperson - Infographic
  • No more me, me, me! It’s all about the customer. #SALES Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic] [tweet]
  • Rapid emergence of social web changes everything. #SALES Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic] [tweet]
  • Price is less of a differentiator (5%) than #SALES experience (79%). Be #RELEVANT [infographic] [tweet]
  • #SALES reps aren’t prepared for 1st meeting 56% of time. Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic] [tweet]
  • Remote #SALES eclipsing f2f. Update your toolkit! Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic] [tweet]
  • Your customers want expertise. Package & share useful info. Be #RELEVANT or #DELETED [infographic] [tweet]

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Be Relevant or Be Deleted: The Top 10 Ways to Sell Value

Modern buyers turn to massive amounts of information through web searches and crowd-sourced feedback before they even think of turning to you.