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The Postwire Post – Developing Client Relationships

Posted by Carrie on 17, Sep, 2012

“The most important client is the one you already have.”

Here are tips to stay connected, share new ideas & grow revenue:

  • Share resources on a personalized Postwire Page that reflect the particular needs of each client to get started after the deal is closed, get the most out of the product or get the contract renewed.
  • Stay in touch and keep it real by adding third party perspectives on topics your client cares about.
  • You know that new webinar recording or thought leadership ebook developed to generate leads—share it with existing clients who’ll value it, too!
  • Remind clients of everything you offer and include links to new offers for related products & services.
  • Use the Page to let new users or departments know how you are helping others at the company today.

Editing Postwire Thumbnail ImageHow to Upload a Prettier Image

Upload any image you want. Consider taking a screenshot of the nice graphics in your ebook. Here’s how:

  1. View the PDF document.
  2. Take a screenshot of the graphics you like:
    How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows
    How to Take a Screenshot in Mac OS X
  3. Edit the content item.
  4. Click Can’t find a good image?
  5. Click Upload an image.
  6. Select the image file to upload.
  7. Use the cropper.
  8. Ta dah!

Client Quote

From a Postwire user…

Michael Heffner, Enterprise Sales Account Manager from Tableau Software says:

“I make a Postwire Page for each account. I modify the content titles to state clearly what each item is and also upload attractive images. My customers love Postwire because it gives them one place to go.

I love it because there’s no better way to understand what content customers care about. It’s amazing to see customer behavior!”


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