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The Postwire Post – Preview & Copy Page

Posted by Carrie on 29, Nov, 2012

We’re grateful, post Thanksgiving, for no more leftovers and two new features that recently snuck their way into Postwire without much fanfare:

  1. Preview
  2. Copy Page

Learn more below.

PreviewPreview Shows You What the Page Looks Like to Viewers

Postwire makes it so easy to create beautiful Pages. We know you care about how they look. Now you can easily see how a Page is experienced by viewers.

To preview a Page:

  1. While editing the Page, click the Preview icon (near the big orange Invite button).
  2. View the Page in a separate browser window as your viewers will see it.

You can also Preview any Page by finding it in your Home list, clicking the associated drop-down menu for the Page, and selecting Preview.


Use COPY to Create Templates for Info Shared Often

Do you find yourself frequently sharing the same info over and over again? Perhaps there’s a set of files you typically share after the first meeting or when you onboard new clients.

When training virtually, for example, we invite participants to a Page loaded with resources. Now, for new training sessions, we simply COPY a Training Resources Template. Then all we have to do is tweak the cloned Page for the new group.

To copy a Page:

  1. Find the Page you want to copy in your Home view.
  2. Click the drop-down by the Page name.
  3. Select Copy.
  4. Edit the cloned Page title and add a comment personalized for the new invitee(s).

Tip: Include “Template” in the name of Pages you copy, such as “Training Resources Template”. That way you can quickly pull up all templates by searching for “Template”.

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