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The Postwire Post – Share in a Visual Way Your Clients Love

Posted by Carrie on 25, Sep, 2012

Postwire lets you collect & organize all of your content and then select & publish private, personalized, visual views of it for each prospect, client, customer, or member. You can upload your own thumbnail images and edit descriptive text, as well as control the placement of content items.

Drag 'n DropDrag ‘n Drop

Here’s how:
  1. When editing a Page or Collection, hover your cursor near the dropdown menu button in the lower right corner of each content item.
  2. Place your cursor on the target hotspot that appears.
  3. Drag the content item to the desired grid position.
  4. Smile as it satisfactorily pops into place.

Client QuoteCan I quote you on that?

“I use Postwire to deliver information to prospects in a visually beautiful way. Postwire looks ‘very today’ and compliments the image Globoforce wants to project.”

– Amy Devine, Corporate Sales Executive, Globoforce

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