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The Postwire Post – Weekly Tips – 080112

Posted by Carrie on 01, Aug, 2012

Last week…

Last week we had an opportunity to join Carole Mahoney, founder of Mahoney Internet Marketing, at her Hubspot User Group Meeting in Scarborough, Maine. Carole wrote a guest blog post for Rick Roberge’s blog The Rainmaker Maker entitled Finally, a content management tool for sales – not marketing! (?), In it, Carole reviews Postwire as a tool to help salespeople create a great customer experience amd offers this tidbit:

“One piece of advice, and this applies to any new technology that you might expose prospects to—give [your clients] a heads up first. Never assume they will know what to do, otherwise you are leaving their customer experience in the hands of someone else. Ask them, do you prefer the standard text email, or a personalized web page for you and your co-workers? Let them know they will need to sign in, but the info is secure, their comments are protected, and it will take less than 30 seconds.”

We wholeheartedly agree! Read below how one Postwire user manages his client’s experience.

Managing Client ExpectationsManaging Your Client’s Experience

This tip comes straight from Douglas Dick, Executive Director of VIP International in Australia. Doug helps companies run their businesses remotely using wireless devices and applications. He uses Postwire to send a personal follow-up to each prospect after his first meeting. Doug cleverly repurposes the Postwire bio field to explain the “why” behind his choice to communicate differently. Here’s the message Doug provides on every Postwire Page–perhaps it will inspire you:

Hi – After 20 years of being in the business, we seem to have less time each day to share ideas. I thought this was a good way to share what we are currently providing for companies in your area of expertise.


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