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The Postwire Post – Weekly Tips – 080712

Posted by Carrie on 07, Aug, 2012

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself!

thumbs upAdding third party perspectives to the information you share builds credibility. Take it from Postwire early adopter, John Jensen, Senior Account Manager at Tableau Software. Last week John informed colleagues of the success he had sharing a particular blog post from a respected source touting the elegance of Tableau’s business intelligence software. Whenever a prospect reads that post, says John, he or she is 2X more likely to engage with the rest of the info shared. You can bet that blog post is now in the team’s shared library!

Personalized Resource Page for YOU

personalizeYour client will appreciate the information you hand select around a specific topic just for her. One Postwire fan uses Postwire in her coaching practice. She makes a Postwire Page for each client, entitles it “Resource Page for [Client-Name]” and selectively posts articles, videos and audio meditation exercises. Clients love keeping her coaching advice handy between sessions and she encourages them to bookmark the link to their personal Page. Through notifications, she now knows which resources are truly valued by each client.

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