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The Postwire Post – Weekly Tips – 082312

Posted by Carrie on 24, Aug, 2012

The explosive growth and success of Pinterest puts the spotlight on the various applications and benefits of less-text-more-image-based content sharing like Postwire provides for client communications. This week we share a few tips on how to make the most of Postwire’s visual sharing format. Check ‘em out below and then sign into Postwire to put the tips into action.

tell-a-storyTell a story

Capitalize on Postwire’s visually apealing grid layout and let each story you tell unfold frame by frame, much like a comic strip. Perhaps you’ve learned that a particular white paper, tip sheet, and educational webinar help raise awareness of pain points your product or service addresses. When you share that bundle of info, think about the story you are telling your client and present the info accordingly. Sequence the content items, carefully select thumbnail images and include descriptive text to help you tell your story.


once-upon-a-timeAct as narrator…

This tip comes from Andrew Sealy, Software Sales Specialist at MINDBODY, Inc. Andrew makes a Postwire Page after his first contact with a prospect. Next, he invites the prospect to a shared screen session (i.e., using a product like Webex or GoToMeeting) to introduce the info. THEN–and here’s the kicker–rather than sharing his screen demo-style, Andrew passes control of the screen sharing to the prospect. The prospect clicks on the content items and explores the assets as Andrew narrates, guiding her through the story told by the information he selected to share. Andrew firmly believes that people want the ability to investigate on their own schedules. This way of educating gives each person the resources to review when ready, as well as to share with others. In other words, Andrew teaches each person to fish, not fish for them.

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